Have a question about our leaning post?

1. Can I choose a different color?  I would like something other than white..
Of course!  There is no extra charge for basic full color changes.   Just let us know which color upholstery you would like and we'll do our best to get it! There may be an up charge for more than one color or fully custom designs. 

2.  What is the purpose of the cooler restraint and should I choose the strap or the mechanical pivot bar?
The cooler restraint secures your cooler to the leaning post for easy transport and access.  The choose of strap or metal bar depends on your personal preference.  The strap allows for tighter security and is easily tightened around your cooler.  The pivot bar simply raises up to access your cooler and down to secure it.  It's up to you!

3. I'm replacing a previous leaning post from another manufacturer with yours, how do I secure the leaning post to my boat?
This one is a bit tricky!  Double check your measurements and select your appropriate width.  The metal mounting pad is a 2" flat aluminum mounting bar.  We predrill the mounting holes when the units are shipped.  If you would like us to ship without predrilling the mounting holes, leave us a note in the seller instructions at checkout.  If, after double checking your measurements, you find that the new unit will not fully cover your existing holes, give us a call and we can shift the mounting bracket a few inches either way.  We can also send you an additional flat metal bar to cover any existing holes for a few bucks more.

4. How do you ship your products?
All of our products are shipped ground by Fedex.  Shipping is included in all of our prices.  A tracking number will be seat as soon as your item is ready.

5.  Can you reupholster my other boat seats or redo the upholstery on my boat items such as console or deck seating?
We can!  Give us a call and we can have our upholstery shop work up a quote to recover all of your items.  You can ship them to us and we can get them reupholstered to match your brand new leaning post.  We will probably ask you to take some pictures and send them over to get a more accurate quote.

6.  Why are your products priced so much cheaper than other leaning posts?
We believe in offering the best product at the best price and make the customer happy! Our products are professionally welded in house and we try to control our material costs as best as possible to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you.

7. How long will it take to build and ship my product?
Orders are processed as we receive them.  All units are built in order and shipped as soon as complete.   Orders are currently shipping within 7-10 days, sometimes a bit longer.  We do our very best fabrication and welding work on every unit we ship so it may take a bit longer to receive your unit but we're sure you'll be happy with the workmanship and quality!